This piece is dedicated to all those individuals who instead of trying to fit in, they put all their efforts and energy into standing out. To all the misfits who chose to follow their own way and not the highway. The ones who are not scared to raise their voice and shatter glass. The ones who do not let the fear of failure or judgement stop them from doing what is going to make them great. The ones who have the courage to fight for their own human rights against the power of corruption.

“DESOLE” is the first original piece by Brick by Brick studio, designed and assembled to honour the very authentic Sin Boy. A misunderstood and embattled artist by Greek society due to its provocative attitude and appearance. To us, he is simply the embodiment of justice emerged from the ashes of corruption. This realisation allows us to understand that the real criminals do not have tattooed faces, instead, they wear suit and ties. 

We can all get inspired and benefit from his act. We can all start clearing our vision from all the daily toxicity and allow our voices to echo through the darkness. It is time to ignite the spark against the suppression of our liberty of thought and expression. Only then this life is worth living!