Frequently asked questions

Can I order a custom art piece for an event or my own use?

Brick by Brick studio was created to give every individual a unique piece of art. We are designing pieces which carry a legacy shared amongst a lot of passionate enthusiasts. If you have any special request, feel free to drop us an email and we would be happy to discuss it further.

Can I take apart my art piece?

We put great effort in building every piece to an exceptional quality, transforming the sculpture into a work of art. As a result, we apply a special adhesive on every brick to ensure the structure remains intact.

Why does it take 4-7 weeks to ship an art piece?

Each art piece is made out of hundreds of individual LEGO bricks. Each piece is custom made upon order and every brick included is sourced from LEGO specialists all around the world.

Do I have to use the custom display box?

We are always seeking into maximising the longevity of every art piece, from delivery to display. This is something we are hugely passionate about therefore we hand craft each display box to fit perfectly on each piece. Some like to use the display box to prevent the piece from getting dusty or damaged, and some others just like to have the piece exposed to enjoy it in all its glory. The choice is totally yours!

Why is the display box made out of wood?

We wanted to keep an element within our offering that honours the heritage of the LEGO Group. Therefore, it felt right to produce our display boxes out of the same material that the first LEGO toys were made in 1932.