the studio.

The Studio

Brick By Brick is a LEGO design studio which truly honours ‘the art of the brick’, conceptualised as the meeting point between realism and minimalism. It is now operating under the umbrella of Karpouzi Lab.


Rooted in the spirit of the LEGO brand, we harness our passion for creative expression to create limited edition art pieces that promise to entice you.

Whether it’s an iconic piece from the Star Wars saga or the classic Air Jordan 1 sneakers, our sculptures leave little to be desired in terms of attention and sophistication to detail.

Hand-made, bespoke and unique, the naturally pixelated sculptures come to life brick by brick to distinctly animate any room with subtle gusto and breathe air of exclusivity into your home, shop or office.

legoart madebybbb workshop processlimited edition artpiece artsculpture custom lego

The Artist


Long story short, Petros Nicolaou grew up on the LEGO brand and loves to build.


Long story long?

Petros has worked among professionals in spatial, graphic, industrial and toy design. At the beginning of 2017, he moved to Billund (Denmark) where he started working in the prototype department of the LEGO organisation. This experience has been catalytic in terms of influencing his design approach as he now holds his work at an uppermost standard.

To him, the building process is so much more than simply putting things together. His craft promotes the studio's belief and ethos that "All great things in life take time".

Tons of time is devoted to each art piece, ensuring that the final outcome is successfully telling a brickified story of how it comes to life.

Memories and emotions are poured into the creation itself, which are captured and set into the process, always making every piece unique and special.​ One of a kind.

We only hope that we can offer the same magic that we feel when assembling these pieces for you.


Welcome to Brick By Brick studio.

legoart madebybbb workshop processlimited edition artpiece artsculpture custom lego