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I am extremely thrilled to have finally put together the biggest piece I’ve ever made; its taken 3 months of joyous work and 3665 LEGO bricks and I couldn’t be more proud. The complexity of it was rewarding to overcome in creative assembly.

It’s dedicated to the cowboy who has been in our hearts for decades! To a fearless character who perceives no obstacles and embarks on every challenge, living life to the edge. To a true fighter that aims at the sky and shoots for the stars. To a humble rebel with a heart of gold. To a selfless individual that always puts his friends first. This piece is dedicated to Woody! An animated figure with the values and qualities of the ideal person living in our real world. . . And it’s crazy that most people think that the “Toy Story” franchise is just for kids. To those people, I simply say “Reach for the Sky.”. . . To those people, I say “To Infinity and Beyond.”

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